Mission and Values


Trellis Foundation advances equitable educational opportunities in Texas by supporting postsecondary programs, practices and systems that reduce disparities and lead to success for low-income students and students of color.


Transformative Power of Education

Education, particularly some form of postsecondary credential or degree, remains the most reliable method of increasing social and economic mobility. Postsecondary education serves both the private and public good.


All students deserve equal educational opportunities, and that means that some students need—and should receive—additional benefits, support and/or resources.


Trellis Foundation’s grantmaking processes, priorities, and policies are transparent and easy to understand.

Data-Informed Decisions

In its grantmaking and within its administration, Trellis Foundation will rely on quantifiable information to every extent possible.


Making progress against complex barriers to achieving equitable educational outcomes cannot be done alone. It requires significant and ongoing collaboration.