Evaluation of Proposals

When an organization has been invited to submit a proposal, Trellis Foundation staff considers the following criteria, among other factors:

  • Goals and objectives are clearly and directly tied to measurable deliverables, outcomes, and expectations as identified by the applicant as a part of the proposal.
  • Existing or proposed collaborative partnerships can enhance the impact of the grant, and these efforts will promote improved coordination among organizations and institutions within the community. Letters of support and/or copies of memoranda of understanding should be included for any proposed organizational partners.
  • The applicant can ensure sufficient institutional, organizational, or other support for the efforts to continue, if the project intends to remain in place beyond the grant period.
  • The efforts have the potential to increase knowledge across the postsecondary community or to inform practices or policy development that could be adapted by other organizations or institutions.

In general, Trellis Foundation will not make grants for purposes of:

  • Annual fundraising events or general sustaining drives
  • Performances or competition expenses
  • Building infrastructure, physical plants, or brick-and-mortar construction
  • Motor vehicles
  • Endowments
  • Debt retirement
  • Lobbying efforts

Site Visits

Trellis Foundation staff may conduct a site visit, or visits, to an applicant organization prior to making a funding decision and after funding has been awarded.