Trellis Foundation Summit

Texas Summit on Postsecondary Access, Affordability and Attainment

The Texas Summit on Postsecondary Access, Affordability, and Attainment will take place on April 17, 2020, at the Texas Capitol Auditorium. Registration is now open.

The Summit’s invited guests include K-12 and higher education leaders, nonprofit leaders, and policymakers, along with national, state, and local funders. Together, we will explore the challenges, opportunities, and urgency of meeting the goals of the state’s strategic plan for higher education.

This year, the Summit will focus on the intersections of education and workforce that can lead to the future that Texas needs and that Texas students deserve. In working to achieve that future, there are implications for policy and practice across federal, state, regional, and institutional actors. To that end, we will hear from national, state, and campus perspectives identifying our greatest opportunities and challenges.

The 2020 Summit is the second statewide event hosted by Trellis Foundation. Videos of the first Summit in 2018 are available on the Trellis Foundation YouTube channel.

For a summary of key take-aways from 2018, please visit our blog or download our summary report.

Summit Objectives

By participating in the Summit, attendees will explore:

  • How the state’s economic drivers and educational outcomes interact with and influence each other
  • The successes and challenges of the current collaboration between K-12, higher education, and workforce sectors
  • How the higher education sector is reimagining and redefining student success