Trellis Foundation Summit

Texas Summit on Postsecondary Access, Affordability & Attainment

The Texas Summit on Postsecondary Access, Affordability, and Attainment occurred on March 23, 2018, at the Texas Capitol Auditorium.

The Summit’s invited guests included K-12 and higher education leaders, along with national, state, and local funders. Together we explored the challenges, opportunities, and urgency of meeting the goals of the state’s strategic plan for higher education.

The central goal of 60x30TX is that 60% of adults in Texas will have a postsecondary credential or degree by 2030. The plan posits that increasing educational attainment is the key to ensuring economic prosperity – for individuals as well as communities and regions – across the state. The plan explicitly calls out “marketable skills” and “manageable debt” as indicators to be measured.

This challenge drives the work of the Trellis Foundation, recently established by Trellis Company. To that end, the Foundation hosted this Summit to help inform and cultivate collaborative efforts that ultimately help learners achieve their full potential.

Videos of the Summit are available on the Trellis Foundation YouTube channel.

Summit Objectives

By participating in the Summit, attendees gained perspective on:

  • How the state’s economic drivers and educational outcomes interact and influence each other
  • The successes and challenges of the current collaboration between K-12, higher education, and workforce
  • How the higher education sector is reimagining and redefining student success
  • What role philanthropy is playing in supporting student success and how that role is evolving