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Outcomes and Resources

This page provides resources regarding borrowing money, managing debt, and improving decision-making. This is designed to be used as a virtual library to help you stay informed. With its commitment to providing access to higher education for low- and moderate-income students and families, Trellis Foundation stays up-to-date on national and state-wide policies and programs. Demonstrated outcomes driven by data metrics and evidence-based programming are core components of Trellis Foundation’s preferred methodologies.

Case Studies: Former TG Grantees

College Forward: Data-driven approach to college access and success

This video highlights College Forward’s data-driven approach and illustrates why they’ve received more than $1 million in funding from TG over the past eight years. (6:30)

E3 Alliance: Building regional capacity for college success

E3 Alliance imagines the future for Central Texas, facilitating the planning to make it happen, and connecting the right people and organizations with the work that needs to be done. (5:00)

No Limits/No Excuses Amarillo: Integrating support across the educational pipeline

Amarillo is setting the example for regional approaches to educational attainment. (6:05)

Creative Kids: Using the arts to impact college success

Creative Kids is partnering with an early college high school near El Paso to make sure opportunity and reality come together. (6:23)

Research Reports